Supplier FAQs

You will receive an email within 24 hours of completing your enrollment. If you have not received the email, please check your spam folder and if it has not been received, create a Support Ticket

All documents are updated within 48 hours of submission. If your account has not been updated, please create a Support Ticket

If your company has been notified that it is Non-Compliant for your client's risk assessment, the first step is to log into your company's GRMS Supplier Account and view the final report for your company. By reviewing the report, you will know exactly why your company has failed the risk assessment. Depending on the deficiency, it may be correctable. If you require further clarification regarding the deficiency, please create a Support Ticket

As you know, risk management is an important element of doing business in today's compliance-driven world. To help strengthen the relationship with its suppliers and to ensure compliance with federally mandated laws and regulations, your client is introducing a Supplier Risk Assessment Program that will be managed by Global Risk Management Solutions (GRMS).

This Supplier Risk Assessment Program is a key component how companies manage supplier risk which requires certain types of information, such as certificates of insurance, be collected. While you may have provided your client such types of information previously, your client is requesting your active participation in the program to better align it with supplier risk management industry best practices.

In some cases, GRMS clients ask that their suppliers help share the cost of the supplier risk assessment program. There is a cost for obtaining the information required to help ensure your company's compliance with federal laws, financial stability and other information, as well as the collection and management of your company's documentation such as insurance certificates and tax documents. Your client is asking all of its suppliers to share in the expense as a cost of doing business.

In most cases, participation in your client's risk assessment program will allow you to continue to conduct business with your client as an "Approved Supplier". Our secure web based system provides you with an easy method of providing the essential documents your client needs to conduct business with your company. In addition, our web based system will allow you to view your company's current risk status to determine if there is any erroneous or outdated information reported about your company.

GRMS highly recommends that you view your company's risk assessment for any erroneous or outdated information. Much like pulling an individual credit report, it is a good business practice to know what is being reported about your company. Your company can review its report by logging into your GRMS Supplier Account.

Our clients "invite" their suppliers to participate in the GRMS Supplier Risk Assessment Program. In most cases, our clients exclude suppliers who do not participate in their GRMS Supplier Risk Assessment Program from their listing of "Approved Suppliers". If your company chooses not to participate, it is ultimately up to your client to determine the ramifications.

It is a business decision for your company as to whether you wish to maintain your relationship with your client. It is your choice as to whether or not you participate in the risk assessment program.

Yes, your company must be assessed for each of your clients that has implemented the GRMS Supplier Risk Assessment Program as every client has its own unique risk ratings. In addition, GRMS provides each client with the most up to date information possible.

The enrollment process is easy. The process should take your company no more than 15 minutes to complete.

Most companies require all of their suppliers enrolled in the GRMS Supplier Risk Assessment Program to be re-assessed annually. This requirement may vary by client.

All companies can benefit from implementing the GRMS Supplier Risk Assessment Program. Please complete our Information Request Form.