Welcome to the Senior Care Center Supplier Risk Assessment Program!

In an effort to strengthen our company's risk management program and ensure that we are in compliance with federally mandated laws and regulations, Senior Care Centers, has partnered with  GRMS | Global Risk Management Solutions, a leading global provider of risk management services and solutions. GRMS specializes in the risk assessment of supplier companies including the verification and management of documents such as W-9 tax forms, certificates of insurance, professional licenses and other essential credentials.

  • All current and potential suppliers must enroll in the program and pass Senior Care Centers' risk assessment criteria.
  • There is a $195 USD non-refundable enrollment fee associated with the program. Payment Options
  • If you haven't already, enroll in the auto-renew program which makes renewal quick and easy.



Like checking your personal credit reports each year, it is highly recommended that you check the information being reported about your company before Senior Care Center reviews it.


By becoming compliant with Senior Care Centers' requirements, your company differentiates itself from competitors that may not be compliant which levels the playing field.


The program allows a smooth and efficient process to understand and submit required information and documents via the Veritas™ Supplier Portal.


As Senior Care Centers continues to rationalize their supplier base, suppliers that are compliant with the risk assessment program are more likely to maintain and possibly increase business.

Next Steps

Please select the program below based on your company's corporate domicile: